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Moments of truth

Berlin is the city where the separation between perspectives on society dissapeared. From this frame of reference we would like to offer you a journey through our society, with the following questions in mind: What makes it important that your organization will still exist in 2020? What is society? What does it stand for? How can we or arrange society? What can we learn from how we arrange organization or companies, at this moment and in the future?

To make things more comprehensible we would like to look at society as an organization. In fact our society is an organization, better said a rather large set of organizations. We all believe that we need organizations to connect our personal interests and feed our common needs. What we particularly are fascinated with is the very beginning of an organization. This is the moment where personal interests are connected and recognized as common needs an where people organize themselves in order to issue their common needs.

In this process we recognize similarities with the very beginning and the development of democracies. When we create coalitions and political parties we also make interests and needs explicit in order to build coalitions.

In our projects the development of societies and development of organizations merge more and more in the last years: in Western-Europe, the South-Caucasus and South-Africa. We believe that we could learn from sharing the crucial moments in starting phase of an organization or society

We believe that in looking for this moment we are able to answer the proposed question. If this  original moment loses its significance, the organization that we’ve build around it will lose its value. In principle this is not something to resist, evidently every one of those moments will lose its significance at some point. And at that point, new moments will arise for certain. On which new organizations can and must be built.

It is these moments we need to cherish, for we need them in order to validate our organizations and make sure that they are still useful for us. For ourselves as well as for our society. We call them ‘Moments of truth”.

What’s your moment of truth?

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