A mind blowing event / Invitation process
A mind blowing event

The theme of the meeting is connections - so we are using the power of our personal connections in how we invite participants!


Every consultant is part of one of the five groups. Everybody is inviting clients from our personal network whom we would like to work with on the topic mentioned.


And, we will ask these clients if they know someone else they'd like to bring - preferably someone international, as it is an international meeting, and as we want to enrich ourselves with the diversity of a broad variety of perspectives. Since the meeting is in Germany, and most of us will probably invite clients from Belgium, South Africa or the Netherlands, it makes sense to especially look for German contacts. 


We build on everybody's personal network, we make it interesting for us because we can work with people with whom we would like to strengthen our relationship, and we can get in touch with new people, through personal connections.

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